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2015 BMW R-nine-T MAGNI
What do you do when you are asked to build any BMW bike you want and do anything you want to it? Well the BMW R-nine-T had just came out and everyone was customizing them all over the world.
Our inspiration came from the Italian designer Magni (pronounced Manyee). In 1982 Magni built and designed a kit to convert your BMW R100 to look and feel like an Italian sport bike. Here is a link to <a href="http://www.magni.it/storia2.htm">Mangi History</a>

We had a tank and seat made. With some help from the engineers at Roland Sands Design we were able to anodize the forks black. The gold did not seem fitting for this build. Motogadget Motoscope instrument. We build the custom exhaust with a Remus titanium muffler The mirrors and LSL clip on handlebars were supplied by Spiegler Performance 

In the shop we built a custom tuned airbox and rear frame and the LED turns signals are from High Tech Speed.
The paint was custom mixed and sprayed by Artie as nothing was available from BMW. In the end we removed about 15 pounds off the original bike, enhanced the performance by a few horsepower and I think Magni would be proud.

This bike was raffled off in October 2015 check out BMW MOA Foundation for more information.

Full gallery coming soon!