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Our customers come to us with an idea and then say. Just build me something cool. Well it’s pretty amazing to have free rein to do what we do.

With this build we started with a 1985 BMW R80RT that had an aftermarket fairing and was obviously owned by an engineer as every nut and bolt was over tightened and silicone was the choice to hold everything in place and don’t forget to reuse that sealing washer over and over again until you have tightened the drain plugs to the point of needing to replace them. We see this a lot. Once we got the bike sorted the faing, saddlebags, gas tank seat & rear frame were removed along it the exhaust.

The frame was modified for a gas tank from a 1983 R65 painted flat & gloss black and to stay in budget we used a rear frame and seat from Down & Out(?) in the UK along with their front and rear aluminum fenders.

Rizoma supplied the bar end turn signals, LED taillight and license plate light.

We concentrated on simple, clean & not breaking the bank. The stock wheels were used instead of our normal spoke wheel conversion and a set of Heidenau Scout tires were used.

We kept with the stock handlebar controls with Rizoma 22mm handlebars. The Acewell 2853 instrument is a nice simple addition to any custom BMW build along with a Motodemic 7” headlight.

The last part was build an exhaust that looked cool, sounds great, adds performance, doesn’t stand out and works with the stock centerstand.

This is what we ended up with. I clean, simple BMW Scrambler.

Here are some of the parts we used on this build.