R-nine-T Classic

Above photo shoot by: Enginethusiast

Above photo shoot by: “Mrs. Boxer Metal”
Client: I want you to build me an R-nine-T custom that looks old school and is a one off.
Boxer Metal: Well you like the look of our 1972 R75/5. Why don’t we build you build you a modern version.
The bike is a 2016 BMW R-nine-T. We commissioned a custom gas tank, seat and side covers to be made to look like an old Toaster Tank.
The speedometer assembly was replaced with a Motogadgets Motoscope Pro. These are a plug and play and very easy to install.
The handlebars, foot pegs, turn signals & rear fender are made by Rizoma
The stock exhaust has had one muffler removed and recoated in a titanium finish.
The headlight and front forks were powder coated semi gloss black and the seat was covered in a very supple black leather.
As you can see the bike is very stunning and classic.