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Remove the bulk! Put your R-nine-T on a diet!

  • Slim casing designs. 734 LED's - governed by a 16-bit RISC processor - create an almost rimless, self-illuminating display matrix. It provides optimal readability even under conditions of direct sunlight. Automatic brightness control is a of course featured.
  • The TACHOMETER is displayed fully scalable via the analogue LED band with drag indicator function. Main and secondary display are user configurable. Another display section shows the gear currently engaged.
  • 4 indicator lights are pre-installed and can be used for far more input signals via the Breakout Boxes. The motoscope pro is equipped with a fully-fledged CAN-bus interface and thus ready for many of tomorrow's developments like for example the plug 'n ride Breakout-Box Triumph (please see 'Triumph' Breakout Box).
  • The dashboard communicates over a proprietary digital one-wire bus (m.Bus) with additional Breakout Boxes to easily expand the application spectrum. This makes the dashboard highly versatile and makes applications of a wide range for vehicles and tasks possible.
  • Billet aluminum casing is cnc-machined and is easily mounted by two threaded holes on the back.
  • Please order the Breakout Box to connect indicator light signals (see Breakout Box Std.) or to connect digital bus-systems (Triumph, H-D) additionally. For BMW R9T a Breakout Box is not necessary.
  • Scope of supply: motoscope pro with ca. 55 cm (22") connector cable, speedometer sensor M5 x 0,5 fine-pitch thread (stainless steel, IP67) with ca. 150 cm (59") connector cable, 2 magnets, 10 cable end connectors, in-line fuse, 2 stainless steel screws, detailed installation and operating instructions.
  • Plug and play on the R-nine-T
  • Easy to install!
  • Compact design

    Please note: The touch sensor function has been discontinued and is not supported anymore 



    Length, Height, Depth: 109 mm/ 47 mm/ 11 mm
    Weight w/ cable: ca. 100 g
    Mounting: 2 x M3 threaded holes on back
    Power consumption during operation: max. 200 mA (load dependent)
    Power consumption in standby: 0.4 mA
    Operating voltage: 9 V - 15 V
    Operating temperature: -20°... +80°C

    Feature Measuring range
    Rev counter (LED bargraph)
    0 – 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 krpm (adjustable)
    0 – 350 km/h or mph
    Trip meter A
    bis 999.9 km or mi
    Trip meter B
    bis 999.9 km or mi
    Total mileage (adjustable) bis 250000 km or mi
    Operating hours/Service 0 – 9999.5 h
    Clock 23:59 h/min
    Timekeeping 0 – 99:59:59 h/min/s
    RPM count (on LCD) 0 – 20000 rpm
    Adjustable RPM warning (gear shift flash) 0 – 20000 rpm
    On-board voltage 9  – 18 V
    Low voltage warning Warning if below ca. 11V
    Timekeeping 0 - 100 km/h or 0 - 60 mph 0.00 – 30.59 sec.
    Actual accelleration +/- 0.00 – 1.50 G
    Average speed 0 – 350 km/h or mph
    Max. speed 0 – 350 km/h or mph
    Max. RPM 0 – 20000 rpm
    Max. positive acceleration +1.50 G 
    Max. negative acceleration - 1.50 G
    Gear display N, gear 1 - 6
    Green control LED (w/ breakoutbox A/B) Neutral (N)
    Green control LED (w/ breakoutbox A/B) Turn indicator left/right
    blue control LED (w/ breakoutbox A/B) High beam
    Red control LED (w/ breakoutbox A/B) Miscellanious warning funktions
    Fuel/Reserve (w/ breakoutbox A/B) 0 - 100% w/ low warning
    Air temperature* (w/ breakoutbox B) -20 - 80 °C / -4 - 176 °F w/ high/low warning
    Water temperature* (w/ breakoutbox B) 40 - 120 °C / 104 - 248 °F w/ high/low warning
    Oil temperature* (w/ breakoutbox B) 40 - 150 °C / 104 - 302 °F w/ high/low warning
    Oil pressure* (w/ breakoutbox B) 0 - 8 bar / 0 - 116 psi w/ high/low warning