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The m-Lock is a digital ignition/starter lock, which completely replaces a mechanical ignition lock and its electrical switching function. The associated digital key/transponder has to be approximated to the m-Lock (switching distance up to 5 cm) and the ignition and power supply of the bike is switched completely contactless, on and off.
  • - RFID technology
  • - each key has a singular code
  • - keys and m-Lock are not subject to mechanical wear
  • - m-Lock is very small and can be installed in many hidden places
  • - m-Lock is completely moulded and resistant against water, dust and vibration
  • - glass tube can be integrated into objects such as gloves, clothes, tags (NON METAL) etc.
  • - additional or replacement keys can be simply bought and 'teached' to the m-Lock

Diameter: 30 mm, Height: 14 mm, Cable length: approx. 50 cm, Weight with cable: approx. 30 g

*NOTE: We don't recommend to use the m-Lock in combination with an immobilizer. Please ask your dealer/manufacturer if the immobilizer can be deactivated.

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